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                                      our first kiss.sometimes everything hits you all at once;the…


                                      our first kiss.

sometimes everything hits you all at once;
the good, the bad & the ugly
       and there are words launched out
of your throat your like a catapult of burning
           sharp and lethal,
and can never be taken back.  

          you know what i’ve learned?
the only thing constant is change –
don’t be scared – we’re ALL damaged
beyond repair.

          some of us just hide it better
with makeup and mascaras, some
of us hide the bruises under tattoos.

          we can walk hand-in-hand
witnessing the city illuminating in
colors that we could only dream of,

             like the first time we fell in
love and saw the city and we were
lost in complete awe.

   do you remember?  

…the little voice in your head may haveconvinced you that there is somethingwrong with you or…


the little voice in your head may have
convinced you that there is something
wrong with you

or that maybe you don’t belong
or the tunes of your song in your
bones aren’t you; making you want
to fold; destroying all hope & bloom

and when problems brew
and the world questions you

remember my arms will
keep you bulletproof

and deep down in your heart
you know the truth

that the only one that belongs
to me in this world is you

there’s one of you and one
of me and there’s no
stronger glue

come to me as you are
bearing all your scars
and wounds

fuck the world i’ll always
accept and adore
all of you

when you smile, i
smile, when you
glow, i glow

if i could make you
smile more

& if with the warmth of healing
palm your heart

i’d make your happiness,
your pleasure and the
kind of pain you crave
which melts into eu-
phoria my lifelong
work of art.

midnightxmasquerade: You’re not alone We are hand in hand sprinting along the rings of Saturn;…


You’re not alone

We are hand in hand
sprinting along the rings
of Saturn; our shadows
splayed in ultraviolet

You taught me that
we were two souls
wandering the surface
of a hollow earth; that
we would find an entrance

Because you’re the
kind of man that could
navigate the ley lines
and set them all alight once more

This dark age is eclipsed
by the light in your eyes
and I’m scrying our future
as I gaze into them

One day I will know
the hidden dimensions
within your heart; like a map
of charted constellations

Until then,
I have your hand
and I’m not letting go.

vignette 1.1i can’t say what i thinkbecause i don’t want to cause problemsi just want everyone to be…

vignette 1.1

i can’t say what i think
because i don’t want to cause problems
i just want everyone to be happy
even when it’s at the expense of my own
when if i was to avoid ‘em i could easily stand on my own
can’t i be alone far away from these thoughts
i’m looking for that spark in the air
but what i do when it’s not even there? (anymore)
i’m trying so fucking hard to be fair
and no one can get me and it’s making me weird
that i’m making decisions for the sake of their careers

please don’t take this the wrong way
i love all of you but i can’t always be here

is it really a weakness that i care?
is it really a weakness that i’m scared?

i never admit to this shit to the face
and so live in despair hoping the clouds
soon clear and the thunderstoms end

i just want peace and harmony but
i’m just left collecting leaves with no
certainty normally i’m heartfully following
those with a heart and i don’t mind seeing
the darkness bothering ‘em 

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flashoveryou’re the colors of thosepleasant half-remembered dreamsdrowning the echoes of…


you’re the colors of those
half-remembered dreams
the echoes of nightmares.

look for me in
forgotten places
wrapped in moonbeams
crawling out of the twilight

let’s paint everything black

and wait for the
shooting stars to falter
and collect our wishes

nocturnal fever
burning with the
nighttime sounds
of the countryside

& the moon winks
as the aliens on
the dark side
party with

the river carry
marionette puppets
as monarch butterflies
hover above and flutter by

springcottage: fuzzyfawnwildlife on ig


fuzzyfawnwildlife on ig


Poetry 2019-02-10 15:32:23

via @extramadness

via @extramadness