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black heartdeath burns in my veinsbut my heart converts itinto something creative.and i love horror…

black heart

death burns in my veins
but my heart converts it
into something creative.

and i love horror movies
all kinds.  indies as well

my life is one
with interjections of
dark humor & aliens
wrapped in twilight
hues and mysteries

and secrets which have
made homes out of shadows
and are destined to live there
in primordial darkness of time
for all of eternity.

i live for the moment
and don’t think too much
about what awaits me tomorrow

tomorrow many not even come;
and it’s a fact for many people
tomorrow is not going to come
this is their last day on earth
and they don’t even know it

it’s a sad truth gently whispered
by the dark smoke rising from the
cities perpetually collapsing into
the mouths of the serpent gods

all things destroyed
chewed up
and spit out

like this world is a blood
stained machete gripped
by the hand of an alien
slash human hybrid
terminator possessing an
immortal consciousness
with psychotic tendencies;

an abandoned implement
of a gruesome death left
on the skin of time by a
malicious death god.

or maybe
this world is a cigar
cast away by the godhead
because he decided to quit smoking.

maybe that’s why our
prayers go unheard?

pyramids were built by codersyou were my light       when i only knew’re pleasant…


pyramids were built by coders

you were my light
      when i only knew darkness.

you’re pleasant dreams and
starlight adventures in the
summer wind, beach bon-
fires burning to the sound
of guitar under moonlight

you were the exit sign in the dark
maze within the inner corridors of
my mind

maybe i cared, too much?  or maybe
i didn’t care?  

and now i’m navigating minefields
in a gray melancholy fog of war that
has swallowed the beautiful world
that we once shared

maybe we exist in echoes of fairy tales in
abbreviated centuries devoid of wars and
famine.  in the drawings of titanic sketch
artists in a parallel universe where there
is no [classified].  where those aliens on

the dark side of the moon aren’t busy
siphoning our energy by psychologically
manipulating us to convert our experience
into imaginary numbers that we ascribe to
how good we do.  

what’s buried beneath the sorrowyou watched me clean out the poker tables then dump morethan ten…


what’s buried beneath the sorrow

you watched me clean out the
poker tables then dump more
than ten thousand on roulette
table like a crazy degenerate

and didn’t judge

i was toxic and angry and
not the funnest person to
be around but you kept
rolling me joints and
blowing me kisses

i opened the door for you
holding back tears & yelled
at you to leave

i didn’t want you to see me
so weak & hurting –

acting like i didn’t care that you were leaving

what combination of sounds could i make
when my lungs didn’t feel worthy of the
air that i was breathing?  

i’d rather suffer alone
please just leave me alone

then you came to hug me goodbye
and the words lodged in the back of my
throat melted from the corner of my eyes

and i didn’t want to let go

thank you for believing in me
when i didn’t believe in myself

or the night on the porch when it was pouring
rain and you were crying and i just wanted to
make you stop and i had no idea what i did –

you asked me if i loved you and i was so confused
i asked for you to repeat what you said because i
thought i misunderstood.  you asked again soaking
wet from the pouring rain and when our lips locked
i did my best to answer your question

when i held you under the storm, nothing mattered
except for us, except for that moment, and in that
moment, we were one.  

miraclesthey say all our atoms were created inside of dying stars and i can’thelp but think you…



they say all our atoms
were created inside of
dying stars and i can’t
help but think you were
the dying wish of a star
before it exploded into a
supernova.  here you are

millions of years later.
although it’s been only
24 years since your soul
was summoned to this
dimension you’ve been
around far longer and
you carry the history of
the universe inside of
your DNA.  genesis of

your actualization in
this dimension in the
face of all the odds
stacked against you

after your ancestors
survived dinosaurs
meteors asteroids
volcanic eruptions
ice ages sabertooth
tigers great floods
dark medieval ages
the bubonic plague
world war I & II  

you’re a walking product
of the most insane series of
miraculous events that have
ever happened.  and is still
happening.  every second
more than 400 billion che-
mical reactions occur just
so you could breathe. and

in order for those 400 bil-
lion chemical reactions
to happen conditions
have to be just *perfect*

you are a literal
walking miracle
emerging from
impossible set of
shrouded in the
ultimate mystery.

disturbanceshow me who you are.  behind the hundred masks that you wear,the hundred roles that you…



show me who you are.  behind the hundred masks that you wear,
the hundred roles that you play.  deep down, you know that society
will never accept you.  leave you hitchhiking on the side of the high-
way with a bag of all your valuables.  starting new.  asking you why
you’re parting soon.  maybe i was just another face in the crowd –
looking down at you….

when all you wanted was love.  the feeling of being believed in when
the demons sunk their teeth deep into your back, pulling you into the
shadows, do you remember feeling in love?  floating to the ceiling above
leaving the thoughts of darkness in the fog

when you didn’t want to let go of that hug, but then you embraced the fog
and tried to forget and that regret you stayed

with the glass of of champagne and a xanax with a hope to melt away the
pain, to mute the screaming voices of rage, nanoworms slithering seeking to
destroy your brain, sporting a poker face

i miss the i-hop breakfasts, 3am conversations that would last until the sun would rise.  drinking beer and rolling joints on a random wednesday afternoon in your  dorm.  i miss waking up to your smile, warmer than the sunlight, warmer than the water that brushed over our shoulders.  i miss eating all that bad food and talking  all that gossip – i miss every bit of it

the evenings when we couldn’t keep our hands and lips off each other, not giving a flying fuck what the world thought.  it was always you and me vs. the world – what happened to us? we  were magic.  we were the cool calm before the storm.  we were the fireworks.  i don’t know why i’m hurt – why you’re hurt – we were twin galaxies spiralling too close to each other.  couldn’t avoid each other.  so maybe we were destined to destroy each other.  

if-you-leave: Daniel Soares


Daniel Soares

if-you-leave: Ilya Daesque


Ilya Daesque

if-you-leave: Michele Mobley


Michele Mobley

if-you-leave: Teresa Verso


Teresa Verso

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via @hernamestartswithanm