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I would have climbed in the jar if he’d asked me. I would have torn the good wing off myself.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I’ll be a good wife. Suppression is next to salvation. I’ll be a good sinner.

Wonder if the pain is always worth the family? What happens if you can’t reshape disappointment?

For now I only need myself. For now I only need my need.

Hunted girls grow shells & they call us hard women. As if survival could ever be delicate. As if we haven’t been chewing rocks for generations. As if we haven’t been rebuilding our own bones.

And isn’t this what they taught us back in school? Isn’t this what good wifehood looks like? A hot, hot oven with something bubbling over inside? Dinner on the table and a house of closed mouths?

The moral of the story is I will gut you if I need to. I will carve my way out using only my teeth.

I am not a woman yet but I want to be. An erupting girl who doesn’t track a cycle but ruins cotton panties.

I have spent years just like Spider-Man,
convinced the best way to protect the
people who loved me was to leap from a tall building.

My mom asks if everything’s okay, and I
say ‘of course.’ Drowning is a quiet, desperate