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I have a wheelbarrow mouth. I drag your name with me everywhere I go.

I would have climbed in the jar if he’d asked me. I would have torn the good wing off myself.

My Sunday School teacher announces how grateful she is for me in a meeting with my mom. She reminds her Eve was also a curious woman, who God cursed.

I’m done sitting through sermons that remind me I’ll burn soon; never quick enough.

I dread when the food comes at the restaurant. My family prays over each meal. The saints’ routine is embarrassing.

Church girls pretend in front of their friends the most. The final amen escapes from the window above our heads but we don’t look up.

This is the year of insecurities / baptized in impurities / pull glass out my knuckles / mirror punching, gritting wisdom teeth / one day I’ll love myself / till then I’ll burn it.

Guilt has a smell that lingers worse than the meat fishermen sift through daily.

When an event goes wrong it is encouraged to thank God anyway. God makes no mistakes is the string that keeps me tied to him.

The trick is to keep moving. If I stop my mind settles. We don’t want to sink. Being higher is a hurdle we can leap over.