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and they’re right,
the best place to hide a tree is in a forest;

we spent lifetimes behind walls
clusters of blocker frequencies
designed to diminish our potential

and here we are
atoms floating in god’s amnesia

architects of our own destruction


The sunset on the way to JFK from Las Vegas.



none of it is real, baby
even you –

we’re just playing pretend
till the very end

even when i’m
believing you –

it doesn’t even matter
none of it

like a sneeze
in eternity

oh, i saw you from the corner of my eye
crawling in between the moon’s
most private thoughts

tell me about aliens
and the unexplored dimensions
of your broken heart

us vs. the world

only trust one another
hell is others,

wear your favorite dress
take in the sunshine &
savor each breath

societal strings of conditioning
are like cobwebs in our psyche
and we’re stuck crawling the
between the gapes and spirals
in fear of the invisible spider
seething in the center

            they may have cut our
wings but we can always grow
them back and learn how to fly.

even if we have to be
a part, we can still stand

        at a distance.  


final thoughts

just when i thought i finally crawled out of the fog of abstractions i find myself freefalling through a black void of shadow meanings wrapped in concrete yet vague fields of sober reflections

and i realize how alien our physical reality
must be to our soul.

i’m a physical mass of solidity
in a universe that’s become a mere afterthought of a ghost

what if we’re the ones that are dead?  

i wonder smiling at grid-like patterns of static light and color hiding behind the mask of the time-space continuum

dissolving into the realm of non-linear thought

i’m dying and it’s beautiful

monarch butterfly 

i felt the sparks
like waves
washing against my core

white and black checkerboard
covering every wall

and i saw dying stars
inside of your eyes about to explode

like supernovas

shattering galactical landscapes
carving highways of carbon for
new life to emerge

i’m in a vortex of spiraling
prismatic colors

being sucked by gravity
into the black shadow
of oblivion

an empty background

devoid of planets, stars, solar
systems, galaxies, and beyond

devoid of time and space

devoid of the concept of devoid

but strangely i’m conscious of
every single big bang that ever exploded

like a mere single heartbeat of existence

strangely conscious of
every single universe that ever formed

every single star that ever imploded

every single lifeform that ever developed

every single life that ever lived

every single thought that was ever thought

and strangely, i’m conscious of
the entire history of existence
with it’s most minute details

in a single thought

keep talking shit

i’m my harshest critic yet some
are to quick to label me as narcissistic
every time i start a sentence
it’s a spar or scrimmage
from start to finish
crossing me is never smart decision
that can be hard to live with
like you have a heart condition
i’ll start the engine with a spark ignition
like a car it’s going to be hard to fix it
the edge of my pen has sharp precision
it’s hard to miss even from the furthest distance
keep talking shit about me you ain’t starting shit
even if you tried you couldn’t even spark my interest



I’ve followed ghosts, far too long.

with their dead libraries haunting
my thoughts.  almost trapped in
my astral body, caught in a dark
fog broken by the fire wall surr-
ounding our solar system.

i was looking for freedom
beyond death.  past the moon-
saturn matrix trap of reincarnation.

i was saved by the fallen ones,
almost burned by those who claimed
they were pure.  i won’t stop searching
for home far in the stars, far away from

and when i do,
I’ll take you with me.  


beyond the veil

life rolls on like the carpet down the
corridors in the transept of a burning
cathedral.  the moon refuses to rise
the tides to extinguish the fire with
a devil twinkle in the eye.  but we

         continue to dream, even
if the universe spiraling out of
control.  knowing that in all of
it’s vastness it’s not even one
atom when compared to our



look for me in the dark
in pieces just like you

crawling out of eternities
trapped in time trying to
break free from the chess
board of fixed possibilities
defined by our shattered
mind in a field of infinite
potential and faint variables
looking into your eyes i learned
how to reverse the electron spin
resonance to align with the ethereal

so what if we’re

caught in an Orwellian web with NSA spiders
crawling on every strand of our life & 
reptilian acid dissolving our will

maybe all we really have is:
one still moment

that we bookmark with attachment mechanisms
& inherited offbeat moods hiding the spark of our hearts
and consciousness inside the dark caverns of our
neurological structures  

like memories of illuminati children