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Do not tell me that girls cannot change the world. I grew on stories of a twelve year old Anne Frank in a cramped, silent room weaving hopeful magic with just a pen. And Ruby Bridges facing racist monsters when she was only six, to become the first African American child to desegregate an all white school. And Anandi Gopal Joshi, only 19 years old and the first woman doctor of India. And Mary Shelley changing the face of fiction forever by inventing a whole new genre at 18. I grew up on tales of girls fighting destiny, carving history with their own two hands, breaking down walls. So if my daughter ever doubts herself because she is told she cannot, I will hand her stories as a sword and faith as a shield and tell her, “You know what? They told Anne and Ruby and Anandi and Mary they couldn’t, too. And it didn’t stop them. Because nothing can stop a girl with eyes aflame with courage and a war song in her chest.”

Nikita Gill, Stories of Girls Who Changed The World

1991.i’m no longer the the calm eyeof the hurricane;rooted in chaos.i’m the aftermath.  


i’m no longer the the calm eye
of the hurricane;

rooted in chaos.

i’m the aftermath.  

                                      our first kiss.sometimes everything hits you all at once;the…


                                      our first kiss.

sometimes everything hits you all at once;
the good, the bad & the ugly
       and there are words launched out
of your throat your like a catapult of burning
           sharp and lethal,
and can never be taken back.  

          you know what i’ve learned?
the only thing constant is change –
don’t be scared – we’re ALL damaged
beyond repair.

          some of us just hide it better
with makeup and mascaras, some
of us hide the bruises under tattoos.

          we can walk hand-in-hand
witnessing the city illuminating in
colors that we could only dream of,

             like the first time we fell in
love and saw the city and we were
lost in complete awe.

   do you remember?  

A church lady once told me ‘our thoughts are p…

A church lady once told me ‘our thoughts are prayers.’ I keep saying ‘fuck you’ under my breath this week. It’s important to have a mantra you can believe in.

timbllr:via weheartit


via weheartit

                      in ‘62who were ‘they’          who’ve been to the moon     …

                      in ‘62

who were ‘they’
          who’ve been to the moon
                                             & mars

maybe it’s ‘they’ we see when we
look at the sky & see shooting

NASA’s tech budget was never huge

        maybe it was just a front of a
dark organization merely using us

through [redacted]

look what happened to [redacted] after
he made an announcement when he was
exposed to the super-technological nucleus

it was a gamble between world peace
or total violence

and with that bullet through his head
a deep message was sent: to still the echoes
of the deep space secrets into a dark silence

to where they shall be confined  to for eternity.  

if you were to piece together the shredded
        classified documents, would the
                     world be able to handle it?

who cares?  we’re in the midst of an all-out
spiritual war

or would the planet spiral out-of-control
      & smash through the frequency-wall
of the moon & free our souls.

…the little voice in your head may haveconvinced you that there is somethingwrong with you or…


the little voice in your head may have
convinced you that there is something
wrong with you

or that maybe you don’t belong
or the tunes of your song in your
bones aren’t you; making you want
to fold; destroying all hope & bloom

and when problems brew
and the world questions you

remember my arms will
keep you bulletproof

and deep down in your heart
you know the truth

that the only one that belongs
to me in this world is you

there’s one of you and one
of me and there’s no
stronger glue

come to me as you are
bearing all your scars
and wounds

fuck the world i’ll always
accept and adore
all of you

when you smile, i
smile, when you
glow, i glow

if i could make you
smile more

& if with the warmth of healing
palm your heart

i’d make your happiness,
your pleasure and the
kind of pain you crave
which melts into eu-
phoria my lifelong
work of art.

head heartsick monday morning blues       with a hang-over & uncomfy shoes                     …

head heartsick 

monday morning blues
       with a hang-over & uncomfy shoes
                             but when i see you and
                                 you smile you’re so cute
i bet you can light up an entire room
and remind my heart that life is good

but sometimes i worry that i’m boring you
not courting you.  when it came to time i
never meant you to feel like i was shorting
you – the only thing i’d rather be doing is
holding you.

               especially if you’re feeling cold &
blue … and your sensitivity makes you feel
so confused … and sometimes i don’t want
to share my problems because i don’t want
to burden you because it hurts to think
that i’m hurting you because i know you’re broken too  
i can’t ever see myself hurting you
unless it’s in servitude when i’m loving you and calling you
so enthused because you understand the difference between
dominating you and controlling you and if it means going the
extra mile i’m going to

you’re the most beautiful thing i ever accidentally strolled into
and i’m hoping you always feel safe and loved and soaked in
youth and with my arms around you, you will be bulletproof
when i’m tightly holding you until you grow into your most
beautiful self radiating golden hues


karma?How do you hoist the dead weight carried from another dimension?  Shake thearchons off your…



How do you hoist the dead weight carried from another dimension?  Shake the
archons off your shoulders, quarantine the reptilian brain & choose love over fear.

choose happiness

like you won the lottery.  without the echoes of Uncle Sam knocking on your
door taxing your mind and sanity.  

Maybe the universe is psychotic.  Let’s say there are past lives and you
weren’t a very nice person and hurt people.  Maybe you were a soldier 
at war & you were ordered to commit murder.  

‘Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do…’

Karma is a bitch, for sure.  But if she’s an inter-dimensional
bitch holding you accountable for all wrongdoings of all your past
lives … when you incarnate into this dimension as an innocent baby
with a clean slate – please don’t tell me that this bitch will doom us
to a life of misery over shit we had no memory of.    

Help me Father, I’m just an atom floating in neoprene amnesia in the static of an artificial simulation designed to minimize your Divine Spark.  My mental health is going… 

Fuck the past.  And let that be a hashtag.  Karma in the present is not a
bitch, she’s a beautiful adjuster of conflicts ensuring everyone exactly
receives what they deserve based on their intentions, decisions and
actions in this particular incarnation – and this Karma, is not much
of a bitch – just a reminder, to be fucking kind.  Life is brutal already
as it is … without you hurting people and doing things that you regret.

Unless your kinky bae needs a spanking, but that’s a different story.  

You’re breathing right now, here in the present.  There is a reason we call it
present, because that’s all we have – and it’s a beautiful gift.  You live in a
simulation which recently had free-will installed in recent update;  so
welcome to the Matrix version 6: The Free-Will Zone.  The apple gave
us choice ….

and it’s simply a choice to be of service to others or to be self-serving.  

choose wisely, friends.  

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