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[unzipped]maybe it’s betterto be nothing maybe that’s how we rememberthat we’re…


maybe it’s better
to be nothing
maybe that’s how we remember
that we’re everything

maybe all that matters is the rain
bacardi apple and a blue moon
colorful nights and the laughter of
wild winds scurrying through
the city streets echoing your

white noise tumbling into

a silence loud with dark secrets
the stillness a fraction of a second
before the big bang

existence is death
and we’re here to weather the storm

maybe this is what’s left
and the only real part of you
is that which was never born






An interesting little fact:

Hot water will turn into ice

faster than cold water will.

And every survivor I have met is water-

we learn to adapt, force ourselves to fit into whatever life-vessel we are put in.

In other words, when our rage

is unheard, when our cries

dismissed, when they clamp

their hands around our mouths

to stop the truth of our trauma

from seeking justice,

let them watch,

let them see

as we quickly turn from water to ice,

a whole avalanche

advancing towards them

about to bury them alive.

Nikita Gill, Vote


the divine hackparticles muddy the silence like garbled thoughts trappedin the dark mind of a…

the divine hack

particles muddy the silence
like garbled thoughts trapped
in the dark mind of a psychologist
slash mad scientist analyzing your
faults under the microscope to
conjugate a behavioral formula
to systematically shatter your hopes

allowing loneliness to drip into the cracks
of your broken heart that you attempted
to glue back together with what you
thought was love.

          there is a part of me she took,
and i’ve since searched for it in every book
in every look, I’m turning a new chapter in
my life and the sun is beaming with a new

the planets are beginning to trust me again,
but the moon has been most stubborn
he has warned me that if i were to see
his dark side –it can never be unseen

do you wonder
where our souls go
when we die

or whether it’s your choice
whether or not
to walk toward the light?

what if
our entire universe is a mere blink
of God’s eye

what if
we are thoughts crawling over God’s

I imagine, when God made you, he cussed for th…

I imagine, when God made you, he cussed for the first time. He turned to an angel, gave him a high five and said: ‘Goddamn, I’m good!’

I’m hurting. I don’t want you to f…

I’m hurting.
I don’t want you to fix it,
I want you to