Category: poetry

I want your hands to become language and make me offer you one thigh at a time. Let it sting loud…



and they’re right,
the best place to hide a tree is in a forest;

we spent lifetimes behind walls
clusters of blocker frequencies
designed to diminish our potential

and here we are
atoms floating in god’s amnesia

architects of our own destruction


The sunset on the way to JFK from Las Vegas.


Swim, swim for the shore. Steer by the bells. Sing, sing, for the nightingales refuse to be…



none of it is real, baby
even you –

we’re just playing pretend
till the very end

even when i’m
believing you –

it doesn’t even matter
none of it

like a sneeze
in eternity

oh, i saw you from the corner of my eye
crawling in between the moon’s
most private thoughts

tell me about aliens
and the unexplored dimensions
of your broken heart

“And lost in pleasure at her feet he sinks,
Touching with dazzled lips her starlight hand.”

John Keats, Endymion


Empyrean, your hunger hurts you awake. The sin is not the wanting, it’s the wanting more.

— Traci…

“Sweet witch, you are my worried guide.”

Anne Sexton, The Division of Parts