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This February marks our 8-year anniversary with Tumblr. 

This is where it all started for Button and we can’t thank you enough for the support.

This is also good-bye. For now. We’re pulling the plug on Tumblr and headed back to the lab. 

Catch you on the flip side folks!


it’s not
your body
that’s broken..
     nor your mind
    …it’s the world
corrupted at the core.

i played with my fate
like a pyromaniac in
dire love with volcanoes –

   my burning shadow
boiling my blood.  screams
of demons echoing in the
sweat leaving my body

   thoughts occupied
my head, like rioting inmates
trapped in a prison of their
own creation

exploiting the inability
to tolerate the vast emptiness
that resides within

   happiness danced like
a coquette far in the distance &
the sun had mistaken me for a

   hurt by the very thing
that moved me to love.  


storms & roses

i remember whispers
from deep in the dark valleys
echoing in her twisted mind –
yet you would articulate that
dirt into beautiful words and
transform what would destroy into
a voice that couldn’t be unheard

as if i was at the highlight of concert
drenched in pouring rain
singing my heart out
with the band 

come with me… enter the void

transported into another dimension
where all glitches of hurts & problems
melt away into pure ecstatic joy

let’s go to heaven, baby

let’s walk into the stars
and see where they lead
us – into the heart of the dark

red wine. joints. more red wine
did i say that i love the sound of
your voice?  i was nostalgic to a
home that called for me beyond
the stars – then i looked into your
eyes and found that star within your

Doing a reading from Fierce Fairytales on my new tiktok.

“Why is it that some people are bothered by so little and some are unshaken by the most terrible things?”

“It is because some of us are lucky and have never seen monsters. And the rest of us have had to survive the monsters we have seen.”

Nikita Gill

I have long since forgiven your lies. I have long since forgiven my body for failing, for breaking. Maybe forgiveness is transitive.

I wake and I am a burning mahogany. And what I mean is there are days I am engulfed. Other mornings I wake and I am most like the horizon.