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When I finally sucker punched my childhood bully, the adults were all so happy I was finally made of fists.

All songs are about how much of someone we can take into ourselves until we both become dust.

lost in found

i thought our paths crossed
on a lonely evening once in the park
I remember it was slightly dark but lit
up by the spark in your smile before
we both jogged in opposing directions
lost in the fog

you don’t know me
but our eyes met

and i saw dead galaxies
buried inside your eyes
start brimming with light

what if we’re the culmination
of a billion miracles – only to
miss each other – make brief
eye contact and just keep going

…without looking back?

what if we met before
in another galaxy
before our souls
were harvested
by robots (or demons
as Christians call them)

i was a white cat
passing by in your

i was a white cat
passing by in your

remember when you told me
we’ll meet in another life when
we’re both cats?

and we did
but it was
just a matrix glitch

lost in translation
of 1’s and 0’s
cloned celebrities
& satanic rituals

the matrix is beautiful on the surface
isn’t it?  and nobody cares about the
truth.  i just care about the youth but
what good does that do when they
just clone their gods but silence their
voice and their vision because

if they killed a rapper who was spitting
truth they wouldn’t have a messenger
to reach the youth

and so you can bet that the world will
never see the truth

my life is chaotic, it’s everywhere
one night i’m lit popping champagne bottles
in the club then i’m cruising

i’m addicted to the fast lane but i can’t seem to
get a good grasp of this rap game it’s arcane

i’m still searching for you in the eyes of every
girl that i’m looking through and i feel like i’m
losing you just know that i’m not reducing you
into another girl that i’m grooving to –

the second our eyes locked i was glued into
the spark in your heart that shone through
your eyes i was in a losing fight with true
insights without choosing sides you’re my
delight in this freezing night you’re the only
pleasing sight

I have tried on all of your clothes, and still nothing fits but the blood.

Nothing knows the sound of abandonment like a highway does, not even God.

If you don’t lock your windows at night sadness can creep in & lay next to you.

I’ll be damned if I play side-chick to my own identity.

I would have climbed in the jar if he’d asked me. I would have torn the good wing off myself.


From Sabrina Benaim’s book, DEPRESSION & OTHER MAGIC TRICKS.

In the beginning, God told Eve she did not need a man to exist.